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Of all the pets, the most silent, clean, colorful and graceful, are the fish. An ornamental fish-keeper should ensure that the fishes get the best environment possible. Traditional aquarium concept, while very important, is no longer enough. We all need to understand fish-keeping the easiest way.
Sneham Aquarium (5 feet)
*5 feet length
*Export quality
*Light, filter and all facilities attached.
Fish Wholesale Order
Exhibition, Wholesale & Retail
100 varieties of fishes
50 varieties of water plants
10 model Aquariums
Address: Gurunirmalam, Santhigiri P O, Trivandrum, Keralam. Contact 9037814185

Aquarium Tips

Good water quality is an essential aspect of fishkeeping.
Do not overfeed your fish.
Water changes are essential to healthy aquariums. I recommend at least 10-15% of the water every 10 days.
Buy the biggest tank that you can afford or fit in your home
When it comes to fish numbers, less is always more.
Good filtration is essential to a healthy fish tank.
Plants provide shelter and home to your fish, they add visual effect and generally enhance your aquarium.