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Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru was born into a modest family 1st September 1927 at Chandiroor village Keralam. As a child Guru maintained utmost cleanliness, simplicity and a regular prayer routine. He wanted to lead a monastic life. He spent 17 years at the various branches of Sivagiri Mutt, founded by social reformer and great spiritual personality Sree Narayana Guru.
Guru received enormous love and respect from the people. In 1957, Guru left Sivagiri and moved to a hut on a nearby hill. With the help of His spiritual mentor Khureshia Fakir, a Sufi saint, Guru received several visionary experiences. In 1968, Guru founded Santhigiri Ashram. After years of intense meditation, prayers, physical hardships, and the ebb and flow of visionary experiences, Guru attained spiritual completion in1973. Following this, as per instruction from the Transcendental Radiance which appeared in the Ashram at the time of Guru’s attainment, the followers of Guru adopted a worship system based on faith in one Universal God – the Brahman. They accepted the Path of Guru – Guru Margam – reposing complete faith in Guru as the medium to the Transcendent Supreme Plane. The doors of Santhigiri Ashram were open to all. Guru would spend hours talking to people on spiritual matters. People flocked to him with all kinds of personal and family problems and found an ocean of compassion and solace. For aspirants, He was the way to true knowledge and spiritual evolution. Guru left His physical form and merged in ‘Adisankalpam’ (the Plane of Primordial Consciousness) on 6th May, 1999 (Thursday). It has been revealed that Guru will continue to be present in the world as ‘Nava Oli’ (New Light and Sound), protecting and nurturing all. Guru’s guidance is available to the ‘parampara’ and the world through His principal disciple, Sishyapoojitha Janani Amritha Jnana Thapaswini, who is the spiritual head of Santhigiri Ashram now.


Investor, Entrepreneur & Educator

Dinadevan is an Indian Educator. He is a Family Welfare Consultant since 2003. He won the MDRT award for the best financial professionals at the age of 21 (2nd youngest MDRT award winner in S.India). He designed Wealth Way, a course for laymen & business-people to become Wealthy. Success Triangle is another project designed for enhancing academic excellence of the pre-college students. The whole activities come under the partnership firm SNEHAM of which he is one of the Managing Directors.
Born: January 14, 1985 (age 32), Keralam, India.
Education: University of Kerala
Spouse: Vijayalekshmi

Andrews E V


Andrews is a retired joint secretary, Secretariat, Trivandrum. He is one of the Managing Directors of SNEHAM. He framed a course named English Tree through which any Keralite can learn English easily.
Born: August 17, 1948 (age 68), Keralam, India.
Education: University of Kerala & University of Calicut.
Spouse: Sulochana



Vijayalekshmy is a language teacher working in Santhigiri Vidyabhavan, run by Santhigiri Ashramam, Keralam. She is a painter also. She designed a course named Drawing Master for bringing up the children who are interested in painting. She is one of the Managing Directors of SNEHAM.
Born: January 1, 1989 (age 28), Keralam, India.
Education: University of Kerala.
Spouse: Dinadevan


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